Documented Explorations of the Chaotic Mind




I'm Not Busy.

Wow guys. It has been a minute. And you know what, I've missed you.

I can't wait to get back to writing again. I can't say it hasn't been a priority, but sometimes life takes hold and time is scarce and trust me, I am already pulling a Taz running around to accomplish all on that is on my plate.

I have learned a new mantra as of late. Instead of saying 

I am so busy

I now say my life is so full.

I have learned that by saying busy we are in some ways demonizing the stress and the work load that bogs us down daily. By saying full, I am glorifying the opportunities and the potential I have to make progress on projects and intentions that I hold dear. Don't get me wrong, I still catch myself saying OFTEN that I am too busy, really, busy, always busy.

But the flip side of that is being stagnant. It's being bored. I am a little bored of all the work I've had to do lately. I want nothing more right now than to disappear and live in an enchanted setting where all I have to worry about is the food, drink, and company I have around me. The love of my life is off in the world doing such things. And I am at home working. But I remind myself, the work now means the payoff later. So I sit here patiently. 

Grateful for the lessons, opportunities, support and work load. Because it means things are happening. It means I am growing. And it means my life is full.

Hoping to get back here before another month passes me by. I have some big stuff to share with documented explorations. 

May your life be full. And if you find yourself getting too busy, take a day to slow down. The work ain't goin anywhere.