Documented Explorations of the Chaotic Mind




The Waiting Room

My body gave out on me today. 

I woke up past my two alarms to a Facetime call. I looked at the time and realized my eyes wouldn't open and I felt it. It felt like illness. I got in my car on my way to a productive day and after realizing I had forgotten my wallet at home, I could feel the weight of the imminent illness on my shoulders. I went to reiki and was reminded by my healer that all the energy I had expelled recently, all the giving and caught up with me and hit my body. He reminded me that the lows are not bad..they are necessary. It is a chance to wipe the slate clean and paint the canvas differently. So needless to say, I think my week long rut is done with. Ready to get back on the horse.

Which brings me to what inspired me today. I have been watching a lot of musicals lately. I have always had a deep passion for musicals, but never to the point of knowing them like many of the die hards do. But they inspire me every time. I often wish life was a musical. That there was a score to our daily lives. That our emotions could evoke a song at any moment. So I've mentioned the musical The Last Five Years...then I watched the modern take on it's A Chorus Line. For the sake of the process, I can't reveal what I am going to do exactly. But I have an idea. Another idea. An idea for a show. Sure, I have a series, a 'blog', a theatre production company and my acting...but something is begging me to write it. So I will.

The story of a Chorus Line is that of a dancer auditioning for a role. A spot. A chance. This musical isn't my favorite in terms of music, but the story is my favorite. It's the artist's journey. It's what we all go through as performers. The fear. The anticipation. The love and soul for it all. The competition. The pain. The stories. I live for it. I am obsessed with something... and that is the expression of humanity. I am obsessed with exposing human life and diving deeper. I am withholding by defense, but I am an open book. I truly believe my stories are interesting. I believe I am interesting. I believe my friends are interesting. I believe our stories have things in common. As people and as artists. We are on the wait list for what is to come. We are all waiting for something. Everyone is waiting for something.

This post is somewhat vague and a little out of context. But it's a reminder of what is to come. I won't keep you waiting.