Documented Explorations of the Chaotic Mind




Release the Steam

Yesterday was one of those days where your friends allow you to drift off to another world. 

A world where you get to blow off some steam. What started off as a somewhat off day turned into a day of magic. In the course of the day here's what went down: we helped our friend produce some art, a dear friend and I had the chance to get to know each other with the help of a fun and honest car ride, we met a beautiful new friend at the Apple store AND managed to get our phones fixed at the same time, our other friend happened to find us in the Apple store, we all ate a brilliant meal thanks to our other dear friend who hooked it up for us at her restaurant, THEN that friend got cut from work due to it being slow and was able to join us for the rest of the afternoon. At this point, let me be clear: it was a day we all needed to blow off steam. We have all been producing so much and working very hard, that we all looked at each other and accepted, we are going to relax.

This is hard to do when you get in the groove. A day off feels almost like you may be letting yourself down, but I believe it all hit us that we all needed it. We needed a full day to have some fun. After we botched movie times, we decided to head and continue our quest at the Grove which led to some elixirs and a shit load of french fries. Somehow we managed to have a montage at TopShop. Yellow kimonos and leather dresses later...we realized we all had acting class at night! We all split up except me and Stitch. She accompanied me to my acting class. I had to leave class early for another responsibility, but it was such a fun time to not take everything so seriously. To produce things I am still proud of but to not be on the rigorous schedule and routine.

Don't get me wrong, I love the routine. I cherish it even. But it has been creeping on me that I needed a day or two to sort of escape the routine. To rebuild it and refine it. And I am just lucky enough to have friends who will jump on board for a day of fun when they can. I also get today. One of my dearest friends from Chicago is in town visiting. And for one day, I actually have nothing on the schedule except to show him a good time and enjoy the day as presently as I can. Sure, I will be a bit smarter in terms of preparing for my busy day tomorrow. But it took me the whole day to realize how much of a gift it was. Just to have time to process all the things that have been happening. To cherish that time with good friends is even better.

I don't look at these days as being lazy or not productive, I look at them as mental health days. Something most people don't truly take advantage of. I have to. I know how important it is. I am preparing myself for the war of February, because I like training. I enjoy the fight. But sometimes, a soldier needs her days off. 

My point is this: sometimes you just need a day to live whimsically and trust that it's part of the process. It's just as perfect as a perfectly busy day. So enjoy them when you can.