Documented Explorations of the Chaotic Mind




The Gentlemen's Party

The day has come. And it is raining.

I had to put something out there at the start of this day to remind myself that it's just a party. But it oddly feels like something more. It feels like a coming out. Like my arrival to society. As if all the things I have been working on in myself is being served through this party. Sure, it is to celebrate hedonism and celebrations itself, but this party feels different than anything I've ever planned. I also look around and think how grateful I am for my friends. This idea started as a random thought in a parking garage and turned into a group event where we all pitched in and contributed. I wasn't alone in planning this. It isn't just mine. And as much as my controlling nature wants to take all the credit, I am so blessed and happy to share this with the people I love. We didn't even intend this thing to be a party for other people. It was always meant for the tribe. To show them how much they mean to us. That we wanted to celebrate a classy affair with the people we see almost every day. It's sort of strange how much we love each other. I had images of this party and how deep down I didn't even want to talk to anyone, not because I don't like then or care..but because at the root of this party is the heart of the tribe. To me, that's what matters most. The party is just an extension of that.

So I guess we shall see what happens. We have taken any hindsight precaution to ensure a fun night of stress free celebrating. Being a gentlemen is a lifestyle, you must live it not just simply act like one when needed.