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Everything Is Awesome

Another late night short notice post.

I hiked a mountain today. In the rain. Alone. Before noon. It was awesome. It felt like Jurassic Park. I spent the day totally devoted to my body. Working it. Resting it. Relaxing it. Listening to it.

Did I finish all I had set out to mentally accomplish? No. No, I didn't.

I did something else. I finished what I set out to physically accomplish. I let my body win today. And my mind is grateful. It needed a break. It needed a change of pace. It needed the body to have some time to itself. We as people, especially Americans, work so hard...burn ourselves out...and don't know where to go next. We don't just let our minds be. So today, I let it be. 

I stretched. I climbed. I balanced. I sat. I laid. I soaked. I massaged. I pondered. I surrendered. I relaxed. And I am ready for the restart. 

My mind isn't as sharp at the moment since I am giving it a break. But I can feel it's giant sigh of relief as it knows I am going to need it again soon. I am not saying shut off, I am saying...put your mind on vibrate. It's still there, but sometimes you need an otterbox for the weekend. Sometimes, you need to take care of the shell so the hard drive can grind harder.

And I watched the Lego Movie. Which reminded me, even in our smallest or most mundane moments, we are still special. 

And that everything is awesome.